… not exactly review worthy, but as the title says – ‘always keep an eye out’ as you never know where and what you’ll find !!!

… quite literally trawling what I prefer to call a ‘flea market’ with my family, I’d only gone along on the promise of hot coffee and breakfast – I found this !!!

Not something I’d either go looking for, nor even consider off the shelf – but, in what I can only describe as a rather fetching very dark ‘sage green’ I spotted this on one vendors table. A like new Nike Windbreaker.

Made from 100% Polyester, and exceptionally lightweight and easily stowable, with its two large front YKK Zippered pockets and sculpted hood – for a mere £1 ($1.26/€1.15) I quickly snapped it up without deliberation. Especially as it was in faultlessly and exceptionally like brand new condition too …

Despite being a medium, even at 6ft, it generously fits my frame for what initially was to be a jacket for the garden and/or car on wet and windy days.

… elasticated Velcro cuff closures

However, old habits die hard – and quickly posited that it would a) compliment my Adventure Tech DCU GoreTex Jacket b) serve as cover to a multitude of fleeces I employ and c) quickly draw from my day sack as light weight bug out jacket either at work or when not actively wearing a jacket but suddenly found in cooler temperatures at a late hour – you get the idea …

bungee draw tight hem cord and dual locking cages

I’ve found little else on this range of jackets, nor found it available else where in this color. Which, as stated earlier is a fetching Smoke Green – naturally sitting comfortably alongside either my Patagonia Lvl 5 Gen II Soft Shell or Lvl 4 Wind Shirt.

… the ubiquitous tick on the rear

It’s generously bungee corded hem makes it easily adjusted to fit and trap warm air, or leave loose to breathe. Particularly of note, and I’m a fan – is the sculpted hood. Not to big that it drops over your brow, but generous enough to accommodate a ball cap or beanie with ease. This, when fully zippered, gives ample neck coverage too …

… sculpted hood with singular draw tight bungee cord

The hood also has two points where it’s own separate singular bungee cord can be pulled to draw the hood in a little tighter, to profile your head, or simply to draw closer around the neck. Simply pulling with both hands at either side loosens it again, simplicity but a nice idea. Additionally pre tighten the hood to make for a smaller ‘package’ when ‘Ranger Rolling’ the jacket – thus saving valuable pack space.

… easily Ranger Rolled for stowage

I’d only counter that this jacket however will only defend against the lightest of precipitation and won’t stand too much abuse from heavy rainfall …

Well, whilst not truly review worthy – and as I said, on color and price alone I thought it’d find use in either three of my frequently used days sacks and at the very least find employ for those quick runs to the coffee store when wet and windy – S23

… now do I sew on some Velcro for morale purposes – hmmmmm ?


… customized my ‘bargain’ wind cheater, thanks to a very good friend with some spare and highly adhesive 3M spray !!!

I Thought I’d run my favorite of the Level Zero Heroes patches, I’ll possibly stitch the corners to anchor it, but it’s lookin’ like a permanent fix – S23