Trenches – Crye Precision LWF ™ ‘Light Weight Fleece’ Jacket in Multicam

Crye’s LWF (Light Weight Fleece) landed upon my desk late yesterday and as such I thought I’d take the time to run up a quick over view.

First impressions, I’d certainly argue this is one of Crye’s better made, more solid and robust entries to their growing catalogue – and, assertively gives the likes of its Arc’teryx and Beyond Clothing equivalents a real run for their money.

It’s a generously sized garment, and whilst a fitted cut, it would comfortably accommodate a base layer or tee, however I’d encourage dropping up a size if you plan to wear this over either a combat or field shirt.

To put that in perspective, at 6ft and proportionately sized – this, in large fits perfectly, when worn with a tee. More than long enough in the arms, Crye have taken every care to accommodate the more adult and athletically formed proportions required for the more kinetically active individuals.

I’d propose this would be a good stand alone garment for either cooler climes, or as liner under a good quality soft shell. Ergo, it’s handy to have stowed away in the day sack for sudden inclement weather or cooler evenings.

It’s cut and fit surely seems driven towards being used in combination with their plate carriers in mind too.

It is exceptionally low profile, and as such, whilst it’s an exceptionally comfortable fit, they’ve put real thought into streamlining the venerable fleece design of yesteryear. It’s perhaps a little cliched, but it’s got a real sense of futurist about it, and that, perhaps in the early days was what really captured the imagination when Crye first stormed onto the scene.

This really is a return to form, and certainly sees them back to their innovative and intuitive design aesthetics.

It’s ‘slick’ outer surface, treated with Nano STX, offers a very competitive moderate repellency against precipitation, and its one piece design with micro fleece surely offers one of the more lighter weight entries at only just 7.05 oz.

I’ll further add, a lot of Crye’s work on seams and stitching has of late left a lot to be desired. However, here seams cleverly trace the contour of the torso and arms, and I’d argue propagate movement and it doesn’t feel restrictive or inhibit performance.

Boasting two YKK zippered stowage pockets on the front lower torso, and again a very chunky substantial YKK front zippered closure its represents for price point, a very functional and durable proposition.

Easily room for note books, phones, pens and other small ancillary items whilst leaving plenty of room for your hands. More secure storage is offered inside the left interior pocket which is also zippered. In fact at a push you’d easily fit a secondary magazine, or even a primary too, spent or otherwise …

Clearly, its pockets are definitely proportioned with the ‘Combat Soldier’ in mind.

Generous thumb loops on the cuffs, easily assist with drawing the cuffs over hands, combined with gloves this really does makes for a nice sure and snug fit, trapping warmth and keeping out the wind, likewise the waist hem has locker’d ITW furnished hem cord, again offering superior insulation when required.

A simple but solution, to push the fleece to the limits of performance in extreme weather conditions – and as such, if you own some or all of the ECWCS this would be a worthy and welcome addition to supplement those garments.

Recently laundered this morning, I was pleasantly further cheered on how quickly it dried, better yet – retained its repellency. Which, as mentioned earlier far exceeds expectations and is easily above and beyond that of any ordinary fleece.

The four way stretch fleece, is of a very low profile texture and exudes quality however, matching in tone issue USGI tee’s it’s color is a little light for my tastes, preferring a more darker FDE would of set this design off perfectly.

Interior aside, the patented MultiCam pattern really shines here, and is perfectly reproduced and is well suited to the garments slick exterior. Certainly certain materials perhaps are not best suited to best exemplifying the ubiquitous patterns – here, the LWF does so with h ease, ergo making this a camouflage item that can achieve maximum functionality in a real world setting.

I’m sure I could conjure up a few design ideas that would further increase its functionality, but simple is quite frankly best …

Still, some Velcro on the upper arms for Callsign or IR recognition patches, Zippered wrist/forearm pockets, even a transparent ‘map window’ on the wrist – no ?

… a real winner would be attachment points for hand warmers, which an official Crye variant would be a real must have compliment to the LWF.

A great addition and compliment to any soft shell, but I’d imagine would serve as a truly great accompaniment and interoperability with Crye’s very own Soft Shell or even Wind Liner – S23


A versatile layer that works well as a stand-alone jacket or as breathable insulation under a shell. Comfortable in a wide temperate range. Made from a single layer of a custom fleece fabric with a ‘slick’outer surface that sheds water and dirt better than typical fleece. This fabric is so quiet and stretchy you almost forget you’re wearing it. Sharp tailored lines give this jacket a clean and distinct appearance. Athletic fit for layering under other garments, if you prefer a loose fit, choose one size larger. Made in the United States from American made materials.


• Zip closure hand pockets

• Interior chest pocket

• Integrated thumb loop

• Hem draw cord

• Tailored for extreme mobility without binding


• 4 way stretch fleece with soft pile interior

• Highly breathable and moisture wicking

• Nano STX treatment for shedding rain

• 100% Nylon, 7.5 oz